Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, edition #10

Thirteen things that are good about living in south Florida:
1. LIZARDS!!! They are everywhere!
2. When I grow big enough to go on the rides, I am going to Disney World!
3. I will not have to move when I retire
4. I can play golf if I want to
5. My Mommie and Daddie live here
6. It is almost never too cold to go out in my stroller
7. There are lots of sunny spots in my house to bask in
8. There is no smoking in restaurants
9. The Miami Dolphins. Ok, maybe not this year.
10. Sometimes, I can see an alligator
11. There are lots of pretty and strange birds to look at outside
12. There are also many bugs to play with. Sometimes they get into the house. Four times a year a man comes out to spray for the bugs. I wish he wouldn't do that. I would rather have a house full of bugs.
13. LIZARDS! I know I already said that, but they are the BEST thing about living here.

Here are some of the crazy birds that live here. They were in my backyard!

ps: I see from some of the comments that some cats are interested in the water behind the house. In south Florida, there is lots of water, so it is not unusual to live on a little lake, or pond, or canal. Here is what the water looks like from the balcony. The water kind of wanders all throughout the neighborhood. And alligators live there, too! This is to the left:
And this is to the right:


34 Notes for Daisy:

Mom said...

I ain't never seed a lizard.


Dragonheart said...

Florida sounds like a great place to live! The lizards sound very cool. I think reason #5 on your list is the best one!

DEBRA said...

Oh Daisy

WE knoos what yu means bout lizards. We gave lots and lots of dem here in N. Florida too. We get lots of buggies and birdies too. Fankfully we nefur see al-lee-gay-tors. Ooowwww dem is big ferious monsters. I woodn't efen mess wif a gay-tor.


jeterharris said...

deer daisy ...
dere iz nuthin like a good cigar and sum way primo cat nip first thing in da mornin ... if u know wut i meen! (laffin an laffin!!!)
doz birdz look like mi grammie'z birdz. do u know mi grammie?
i'm laffin at #3!
luv--yer grate an grateful frend--jh

Dragonheart said...

Daisy, thanks so much for your kind words on my T13. People say the same thing to me: "I thought Sphynx were ugly (or mean, thanks to that stupid episode of Friends) until I met you."

You are a beautiful Devon Rex. :)

Tink said...

Wow, we want to move to the south of Florida, or at least pay a loooong visit! :-)
Mommy did a TT all about us this week, with pics. Wanna see? Come over if you like!
Love, Freyja & Bastet

Gattina said...

I would love to see you playing golf ! My first cat many years ago loved to play with lizzards when I was in Italy and shye was very offended when she had suddenly the tail in her mouth and the lizzard ran away !
On my cat blog you can see the new collars I made for my girls !


Pretty good list of thirteen things for Thursday!
I love looking at silly looking birds too, haha.
I hope you and Pixie have a wonderful day today!!

Hot(M)BC said...

I've never seen a lizard cept on your blog. Those birds look really fun too.

Forty Paws said...

Doze luk like snowy egrets. We lufs birds. We lufs geckos. We lufs your TT.


Luf, Us

Junior said...

You have a big pond in your backyard? That is great!!! Those look like fun birds to watch!!!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Wow, a lake/pond right in your back yard, must be fun.

Maria & Stefano said...

Ohhhh Florida....I love it!!!
Sunny and warm that's my place!!!


Faz the Cat said...

You can see alligators? Eeek! I am now officially scared. FAZ

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Rocky sees lizzerds owtside. He likes to pull off thare arms and legs, wich I think is kinda gross. I've never seen a lizzerd myself, tho. Maybe when I come to vizit Parkland, FL, yoo can show me sum!

Daisy said...

Skeezix, sometimes I "accidentally" make the tail come off the lizard. Then you can play with the tail OR the lizard. It is fun. I will show you.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

wow that is a beautiful view! Can I come live there with you and Pixie?!

Kim said...

I lived in Tampa/Orlando for 9 years. I miss those palm trees and the ocean. Fun list! Happy TT!!

Karen Jo said...

We have those lizards that the tails come off of around here, too. I used to chase them around when I was little. Watch out for those gators. I think they are vishus.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We asked mom if we cood move to Floreedah and she sed it wuz to hoomid fur her. We din't say she shood move, just us. She sez der are four seesons heer, to cold and snowy, o.k. (lasts fur about a week) to hot and hoomid and o.k. agin (this one lasts fur about 2 weeks). Gess we'll have to go wif #5, cuz we luv dem.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Dang, Daisy. You have a nice house with a nice view.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Hello Daisy, Lizards and Gators Oh My! Of course we are used to them too, but it's fun to say! Florida is great. We want to go to Disney Land someday too - maybe we can all go together!

Have an excellent rest of your day and tell Pixie hello!

Zed Monster

Diva Kitty's said...

DKM said we cannot move to Florida because she was there once and there were too many bugs for her. She doesn't like bugs.

The Meezer Gang said...

yes, we agree: florida is a great a place to live. we see lizards and frogs out the window, though we have never caught one!


*shivers* alligators??? eeek

I think you live in a really pretty place with those lakes everywhere.

Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud said...

Daisy, we wants to play with Lizards too. Do you thinks they will travel ok in a suitcase back to Iowah when our mom goes to Florreda in May?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yur place is furry purrty. we prolly gotta pass on the gators though. duz they crawl up outta that water?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Daisy --

My Devons would like you to stay far away from alligators and to soak up some sun for them. They are getting old, sad to say, and they have both taken to hanging out in front of heating ducts. You are lucky to live somewhere warm.

Love from Cooper and Chanterelle--

Bogdan, the editor said...

Ooooo. Lizards. Once, I caught one in one of my old houses. My investor took it from me, probably so she could have it all to herself. I don't think there are many in or out of my new facility. Maybe you could ship me some?

DaisyMae Maus said...

You've got lots and lots of water! I have a small puddle 'cuz it rained yesterday.

Tara said...

I'd love to live in Florida! The big lizards sound very cool! Great pictures! Tara

Kimo & Sabi said...

Do you know how to play shuffleboard? You will have to learn to do that to qualify for retirement.

William said...

Gosh, that looks like paradise!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We have no smoking in our restaurants too, but Momma has never, not once, not ever, taken me into one. She says I would probably cause an uproar, whatever that means.


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