Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! As my Christmas gift to you, I would like to share photos of some of the wonderful shelter cats who are looking for a Forever home. You can find them at Cats Exclusive. This is Bruno. He is making sure his nostrils are clean for his photo, because he wants to make a good impression. Good job, Bruno!
Meet Butternut and Finnegan. Butternut was just adopted. Hooray!
This is Peeps. She has very expressive eyes.
Say Hello to Mickey! He has cute pink lips. See his tongue?
This is Brit. I already introduced you to her, and you can see her in my sidebar. She is hoping it is almost her turn to find a home. You can see Simba in the background.
This is little Tamale. I'll bet he will find a Forever home soon. Tamale has been adopted, too!
Pixie and I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas


62 Notes for Daisy:

Karen Jo said...

I am so glad that so many of the shelter cats have been adopted. Now they can have a Merry Christmas, too.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

thank you, miss daisy!! merry christmas to you and yours!!

Poppy Q said...

Daisy that was sooper special of you, to share your christmas message with all them lovely shelter pussy cats.

I especially hope that pretty tabby Brit gets a furrever home, she is so sweet looking. Thems all looks like nice friendly cats. I hopes they find famblies soon.

You is a good friend to everyone Miss Daisy.

Poppy Q

Parker said...

Dear Daisy, Pixie, and you Mommy and Daddy -
Merry Christmas and I will send a special prayer that all the kitties find homes - 'specially Brit, it has to be her turn soon!

Alexi said...

Merry Christmas, Daisy to you and yours. I hope the kitties get a Merry Christmas present of a forever home!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Merry Christmas!

Alasandra said...

We wish all the shelter cats could have found a home for Christmas.

Thank you for sharing your shelter cat friends pictures, we are glad that so many of them found homes and we will be keeping our paws crossed that the rest will find homes soon, especially Brit.

Scylla, Charybdis & Sockie~Pooh

Luna Spain said...

Meowy Christmas Daisy
Hugs for her family too.


Daisy said...

My Mommie was at the shelter this morning and just found out that Bruno's adoption fell through. So he is still available for adoption. He was having fun playing this morning.

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Hi Daisy,
This is Rocky here - my sister S'more and I are rescue kitties. We are so happy to have found our forever home with our mommy! We hope the kitties here find their forever homes very soon, too! That was very nice of you to post their photos for Christmas! You're the best!! :)

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

Rocky, Angie, S'more and Karen xo

Mickey said...

Merry Christmas Daisy & Pixie and your Mom & Dad :)
Those are very beautiful cats and I purray they find forever homes :)
I also think Mickey is a perfect name for a black cat! Heehee
Enjoy your day!!!

Purrs Mickey

Credit card said...

Nice pictures. Say hellow to every one of them. And also say happy new year.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Merry Christmas Daisy to you and your family. We wish you much joy and happiness. Thanks for sharing all your daily antics. You're great.

michico*Adan said...

Merry Christmas to you, and all the kitties~!
Finding forever love home is the best thing in the whold world~! These great news are the best Christmas gifts~!

Registry Cleaner said...

Peeps and Bruno Is so cute.
Give my warm love to them

Anonymous said...

We hope all these wonderful kitties find their forever home before the end of the year, Daisy!!

Great post!!!!!!

We wish you, Pixie and your familie a Wonderful Christmas!

~Ruis & the kittie gang and the staff

PerfectTosca said...

Dear Sweet Special Friend, Daisy, me and my three cats Mojo, Roni and $nack, and The Woman--and the two rescues in our special Cat Room wish you and your wonderful humans very very happy holidays!

May all stray kitties find loving people like your humans and forever homes that are warm, loving and happy. The Woman loves black cats and she says she would snatch that guy up in a nanosecond. But alas, we have no room at the inn because we got rescues coming and going sometimes.

I love you, my special kitty.

Tosca Claus

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

merry christmas daisy and pixie and mommie too! i wish i could have one of those kitties...

smiles, auntie bee

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What a wonderful thing to share your Christmas with these beautiful shelter cats. They are all so gorgeous, hope they all get homes for Christmas.
And a Very Merry Christmas to you, Daisy and Pixie and your family...
ML & Missy & KC and the "Sherwood Shelter" cats

Sarge Charlie said...

what a wonderful post for Christmas Day, Daisy has a big heart.....

Hot(M)BC said...

Aw that was furry nice Daisy. We hopes yoo and Pixie has a grate Chrissymouse
Meowy Chrissymouse!
Alla Us Hotties

Millie said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! May you have a safe, healthy, and happy day!


Honey P. Sunshine said...

Happy kissmouse to you and your fambly and the shelter kitties too

The Meezers said...

Merry Christmas to our wonderful friends! what wonderful kitties - we hopes that they gotted the bestest chrissymas present - a furever home

Artsy Catsy said...

Daisy, we wish you and Trixie and your family the Merriest Christmas ever, and we're purrayin' that the beautiful shelter kitties find perfect furever homes very soon!

Much love and lots of purrs
from Rocky & everybody
at Artsy Catsy

Frasier said...

Hi Daisy,
Woul'dnt it be wonderful if all these kitties got a home for Christmas ?
Merry Christmas to you too!!
Hope Santa Claus brings you parcels that smell great!

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

I hope they all find wonderful Forever Homes. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Daisy. :)

Spooker said...

We hope they all find Forever Homes soon, but especially Brit!
Meowy Christmas from
Purrchance To Dream

Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, Jazper, Little Isis
(and Not The Mama, too!)

jenianddean said...

Those are some sute kittens. Merry Christmas!
--Jasper, Josie, HB and Maggie

Catzee said...

Purry Christmas ya'll!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Merry Christmas!

Lux said...

What beautiful kitties - I am wishing really hard that they find wonderful forever homes ...

Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

Merry Christms to you all... Hope these kitties find a forever home!

Tara said...

Merry Christmas Daisy! I hope they all get a good Christmas present too!

Tara and Kavan

Lorianna said...

Merry Christmas! I wish all those sweet kitties would find furever homes.
Love and Purrs,

Fat Eric said...

Just stopped by to say Happy Christmas! and big purrs from me, Fat Eric

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We always look at Brit and hope that she finds a good home.

You look purty in your hat, Daisy!


Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Merry Christmas !

Very nice Christmas hat,... >;-)

Christine and FAZ said...

Darling Daisy and precious Pixie, we hope you and your family and all the wonderful cats looking for their forever homes have a lovely Christmas. purrs FAZ

p.s. I got your Daisy ballet magnet as one of my Christmas presents today, it was exactly what I wanted.

Beezer said...

Happy Christmas to you Daisy, and to Pixie too! Oh, and the beans in the family.

I'm glad that the little ginger and white kittens have a forever home for the holiday. I was a shelter kitten too, and I'm so glad that mine mombean brought me home.

Love, Joy & good health for now and the new year!

Your Pal,

DaisyMae Maus said...

Merry Christmas to all of you in sunny Florida! Let's hope that efurrycat gets a forever home ... Wouldn't that be nice?


Pumpkin said...

I hope the shelter poodins find reely good fureffer homes too. Merry Chrissymouse frum us in Hah-why-eee:


Samantha & Tigger said...

Daisy, Pixie and Family have a very Merry Christmas! We love reading your blog everyday! Thanks for sharing the shelter kitties with us!
Your Central FL furiends,
and Mom

Forty Paws said...

That is so kind of you to feature the homeless cats from your Mommie's shelter today. What a wonderful example of Christmas Spirit!

Merry Christmas to you, Pixie, your Mommie & Daddie.

Luf, Us

Ashley said...

Hi Daisy and Pixie,

Furry Chrissymouse to you and your beans!


THE ZOO said...

Merry Christmas.

Eric and Flynn said...

Merry Chris Mouse to you Daisy and Pixie. We hope those kitties all get their furrever homes in the New Year.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Merry Christmas to the Curly Cat family!

-d said...

The pix make me want to adopt all the kitties. I hope they all find good homes.

merry Xmas

The Cat Realm said...

Very happy holidays and a wonderful new year to you!!!
Karl and The Cat Realm
I hope all these sweet cats will find forever homes!

Gretchen said...

Hey, Daisy and Pixie house, Mike and I have had a great tissue paper ripping good time at out house. We're all pooped out today and have been sleeping most of the day.

Thank you for sharing the shelter cats Christmas, too.

Cheery hugs...G

William said...

How sweet of you, Daisy. We hope you have a very merry Christmas!

William, Olivia, Caroline and Russell

Boy said...

Mewwy Chwistmas Daisy! Those are some pwetty kitties!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Daisy and Craisy (the Temptations Twins), Pixie and their mom from me and all of the Good Cats (plus John + Pat).

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Merry Christmas Daisy, Pixie, and your humans! This is a wonderful heartwarming post so purr-fect for this special day of the year.

Hugs and purrs with turkey giblets,
Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Tiger Lily said...

Merry Christmas Daisy and Pixie! We will purray that all these beautiful kitties find forever homes.

Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

Skeezy said...

Daisy, I'm vay werried. The FL and Mr TF had tamales for dinner last nite. Were they eeting kyoot littul oranje kittins??????? Oh, and Merry Krissmiss!!!! Meet me under the missultow????

Skeezy said...

Oh, and yer hat is vary kyoot!

Camie's Kitties said...

Merry Christmas Daisy. We wish we could take another cat or two but Mom says 3 cats and a greyhound are enough for now. We hope they all find forever homes soon.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Merry Christmas Daisy, what a thoughtful and heart warming post. truly in the spirit of Christmas xx

Asta said...

Mewwy Chwissmuss Daisy!
I hope evewy last one of those bootiful catses gets a fuwwevew home! You awe vewy sweet to think of them
smoochie kisses

Junior said...

That Bruno is very cute...looks like he has some frootbat in him! I hope they have all found homes now!

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