Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pixie Turns Twelve!

Hi everybody! Today I am twelve years old. I am having a wonderful birthday. It started with a delicious bananer that I got to eat right off the peel. Usually I just get a few little pieces. And from my very good friends Skeezix, Mao, Rocky and Tripper, I got not one, not two, but THREE catnip bananers. I am a very lucky cat.
They also gave me this big bag of extra-strong catnip! Thanks, guys!
I was very happy, and then my Mommie petted me on the head and I meowed loudly with joy!
My Mommie gave me this Cozy Calming Mat. You can heat it up in the microwave, and then it is all warm and toasty to lay down on. I think I will enjoy that.
And Daisy got me this bag of Fit Nip. The bag says that it "Helps encourage older and inactive cats to exercise and play." So far, I do not feel like exercising.
While I was opening my presents, my sister Daisy was acting nutty with the tissue paper.
This has been a very exciting and tiring day. I am going to rest now. With my bananers.
Thank you ever so much for your birthday wishes to me. This is a happy day for me!

123 Notes for Daisy:

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Pixie, I'm so glad you had a nice birthday and got all the things you wanted. I like you yellow nananer. You look plum wore out. get some rest.


Parker said...

Happy 12th Birthday to you!
Happy 12th Birthday to you!
Happy 12th Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Deeeeeeear Pixie!
Happy 12th Birthday to you!
Smooches and Hugs and Catnip Nanner Dreams,

Poppy Q said...

Happy Birthday Pixie. You look super happy with all of your bananas and your nip. You have a lovely day and I has never ever heard of a pussy cat liking bananas before. I love that that makes you a special girl.

Poppy q

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Purrfday Pixie. Yoo got THREE bananners??? Skeezix and his famly are grate aren't they. Bet that nip is reel primo stuff. We would say haf a wunnerfull day, but wiv all that nip we know yoo will.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Happy, Happy 12th Birthday. We hope you have the most purr-fect birthday ever.

Your friends in Mississippi,
Scylla, Charybdis, Sockie~Pooh and our Mommy too

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! :) You've received some wonderful gifts. :) I have one of those Cozy Calming Mats. I'm sure it will be nice to have it warmed in the microwave in the winter.

I hope you have a great day, Pixie. As we say in German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! :)

Astrid (…and the kitties too) said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Pixie!
the bananers look furry cool and Othello now is jealous 'cause he loves 'naners too! =^..^=
We hope you haf a great day!
puurrrrs, Kashim & Othello

Team Tabby said...

Happy 12th Birthday to you Pixie!! You gots lotsa nice gifts. Those catnip bananers would be fun and a great big bag of premium nip, wow. You look very happy and excited. Enjoy your day.

Moe & Mindy

Carolina Cats said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birfday Miss PIxie!!!!

You look furry content wif all yore bananers! We hope you has the most wonderfulest day efur - you deserve it!

Love & hugs & purrs,
Finny & Buddy

Ramses said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! Looks like you're guarding your 'nipnanars really good! :) I do so love other cats birthdays as I get to see all the cool presents and see what my Mummy needs to get me for my next Birthday or better still Kissmouse Day! :)

cat_aunty said...

Happy 12th birthday Miss Pixie. Hope there is many more happy years to come, and many more bananers coming your way!


Boots, Ozzie and Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!! We are glad you had such a wonderful day!!

Ninja & Brenda

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Happy Puuurthday to you,
Happy Puuurthday to you,
Happy Puuurthday Mixx Pixie
Happy Puuurthday to you,
Wow! What a lucky kitty you are, with all that stuff.

Pumpkin said...

Happy berfday, Pixie! Yoo got a WHOLE BANANNER to bite on? Wow!But don't try to eet the nip bananers. I don't fink yore tummy will like that!


Wishes of nanner dreams to yu Pixie! Have a furry happy purrday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pixie have a great
day :)

Tink said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!!!

Samantha & Mom said...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, 12th Birthday Pixie! And many, many more!!! We are so glad you are having a wonderful day and have fun with your catnip nanners.
Your FL furiends,

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! WOW! You got lots of neat presents!

THE ZOO said...

Happy happy purrthday pixie. luks lyk yoo gotted sum gud purrsents.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

HoooooRayyyyy today is your 12th Birthday, Pixie!
We hope you have a very happy and wonderful Birthday. Resting is very good for us Senior kitties!

3 nip bananers, excellent!

(((hugs))) and purrrs to you Pixiekins

Monty Q. Kat said...

Happy Purrfday Pixie!!!

I hope it's a great one!

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

Happy Birthday, Pixie! Enjoy your bananers!

The Furry Kids said...

Happy happy happy birthday, Pixie!!! Enjoy the Bananer-palooza!

LZ said...

Happy Happy Birthday beautiful Pixie!! What a wonderful pile of gifts, especially those bananas. They are my favorite favorite toys because they remind me of you.


Dma said...

Happy birthday and enjoy the bananers.

Hot(M)BC said...

Happy Purrthday Pixie! Wow, that's grate you got so many bananas. We're glad you're having a great purrthday.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

ASTOR CATS said...

Happy 12th Purrthday Miss Pixie, and many many more. Don't overnip!
You got some great presents. Can one cat play with three nanners at the same time? You bet!

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Unknown said...

Happee Birfday Pixie! We are glad you are having such a great day!!

Conner Cloud

Forty Paws said...

Happy Purrfday Pixie!!! How exciting! Twelve years old and going after those 'nanners!!! Whoo hoo!!! You look a little nipped now.

Luf, Us

Mickey's Musings said...

Happy Birthday to a precious ,beautiful girl! You have some wonderful gifts there.That Cozy Calming mat looks interesting.Might have to talk to Mom about that.
Enjoy your bananers,real and nip ones!

Anonymous said...

The HAPPIEST of birthdays Sweet Pixie. We do not blog but we are
big fans of you and Daisy. We hope you have many more, filled with nanners.
Annie, Angel, Lucy, Harry, Paul Edward, Mary Elizabeth and Baby.

Catlady4 said...

Happy birthday Pixie! We've never met a cat who loves bananas before.

Emma, Jamie, Thomassina and Bob

The Furry Fighter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely Pixie!
I hope you enjoyed your nana - can you eat one all in one go? i've never seen a cat eat nana before!
i hope the fit-nip does its job too - my brother castle could do with some of that xx

Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Purrthday!!! bananers efurryware - enjoy!

Jimmy Joe said...

Happy Birthday, Pixie! Have a great birthday nap with your bunch o' bananers. Maybe you'll get some bananer birthday cake tonight!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Tara said...

Pixie, you look so happy with your bananers! Happy Birthday, and many more!
Tara and Kavan

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Happy Birthdays to you Pixie! Enjoy yer naners and relax the days away.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Happy Purrthday Pixie we hope yoo haf a squillion more.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Pixie! May you celebrate many more with Daisy and your human.

The Cat Realm said...

Happy Birthday!
Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag!
Buon Compleanno!
Joyeux Anniversaire!
Fekiz Cumpleanos!
Gelukkige Verjaardag!
Feliz Aniversario!

What a wonderful day you had so far!!! May it go on indefinitely!

Pixie said...

Thanks so much everybody for your birthday wishes to me. This might be my happiest day ever! I am having a very wonderful birthday.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

pixie i am sorry i am late, i was sleeping really late today! happy purrfday honey pie! you got some great stuff. i want one of those cozy mats to sleep on that you put in the microwave. that sounds wonderful!

smiles, auntie bee

pee ess: hi daisy!

The Meezers or Billy said...

::ahem:: ::mememememememe:: ::lalalalalalala:: ::warming up meezer harmonies::

one, two, free

Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday sweet beautiful Pixie
Happy Purrfday to you

we hopes that it's the bestest efurur!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! May you have many more cat birthdays to come! I wish that one day your heart will be good as new again. Don't stress yourself too much. Have a pleasant day!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

happy birthday pixie nannerhead

Nomi said...

happy burfday Pixie. Haf a grate day wot wiv all dem nanners !!

Tyler said...

Happy, happy birthday Pixie. I think it's perfect that you got those nanners for your birthday. I like the picture of you meowing for joy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy birthday Pixie! I am glad you got such good presents! I think you deserve them.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! You do look so happy with all your nanners real and nip.
Enjoy your nappy and when you get up, I hope you get another real nanner and want to play with your new Fit Nip until you get to nap again on your new mat.

Happy 13th Birthday sweet Pixie!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!!!
What a lovely girl you are and you got a lot of good loot for the big day!

Kimo and Sabi said...

Go Bananers on yer purrthday Pixie!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Happy 12th Birthday to you, Pixie!
I think your cute sister just want you happy and laugh so she is acting very silly to let you notice her~!!! She is very sweet~!

I am so happy to see you eating banana, that is very very cute~!!! And so happy to see you got those nanars, hehehe~!!!

I believe you will be dream dancing with your bananas~!!!!

Happy Birthday again, you are the greatest sister~!!!

Black Cat said...

Happy Birthday sweet Pixie:)

And thank you Daisy for your nice comment in my "House Arrest" blog. I was indeed scared!

Sarge Charlie said...

Happy birthday Pixie, you are lucky to have a nice sister like Daisy.

Luna und Luzie said...

Happy birthday Pixie !!!
Great Bananas, I also like them !
These are wonderful photos.

Skeezix the Cat said...

YAY Pixie!!!!! BTW, I think they do sumthing speshul to the tishew paper cuz I got nuts with it, too!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!!
♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥
Happy Birthday to YOU

♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥

I am glad you are having a nice birthday!!

Boy said...

Wow wow wow!
You had a gweat purrthday indeed!
Happy happy 12th purrthday!

Lisa said...

Happy, Happy Birfday!

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Happy Purrthday Pixie!! We're furry happy that you're havin' such a great day!!

Scout said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!!!

It looks like you got some great presents. It was nice of you to share your tissue paper with Daisy. Sharing is not something I am good at whatsoever!

sammawow said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!!!!!! Wow, what a banana extravaganza indeed!!!

We are singing:

Happy Happy Birthday...
May all your dreams come true...
Oh, Happy Happy Birthday...
With love from us to you!!!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Laura said...

What an important and glorious milestone, Pixie. TWELVE is such a great number! and Lucky.
We all with you another year of happiness and good health! (or at least, stabilized health and no pain!)
ML and Cats

Oliver said...

Happy Purrthday, Pixie! That is great that you got such wunnerful presents, I'd need a nap too from all the excitement!

Poppy said...

Happy Birthday, Pixie! You must be one special cat to get all those nanners! And boy do I sure recognize those "crazy ears" on Daisy. My sissy Clover does the same thing!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dearest Pixie!
Happy Birthday to you!

Concatulations on your birthday Pixie. You gots three whole naner toys and a real naner too! Sounds like a great birthday.

Unknown said...

Happy 12th Birthday my dear Pixie! I have never seen so many bananers!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

P.S. I love your furs they are so pretty

Shohom67 said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day!

You are cat-tastic


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...


We love you! Happy Birth-DAY!!!! We iz glad yo got all do bananerz... dose are better den carrotz any day of da week.

Auntie Stinkie sendz you a special wish- now you are both in da red hat club fur senior gurl katz. We will have to shop fur some itty-bitty red hatz to start a club wit.

Do you like dat idea?

Daisy said...

Pixie would love to be in a Red Hat club! That is a very cute idea.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Are you sure that bag of suspicious looking green leafy substance is "cat nip"?

Bogdan, the editor said...

Happy bananers birthday, Pixie!!


-Bogdan, Sara and Kat 3

Fat Eric said...

Happy happy purrthday, Pixie! Glad to see you got lots of treats. You are just a few weeks older than me - my 12th purrthday is next month!

Karen Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Pixie. I am so happy that you get to celebrate with so many bananas. Those Calming Mats are great. The cats I've given them to really enjoy them. I hope you have many more happy birthdays.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Have a wonderful day Pixie! I think your presents are brilliant - you thoroughly deserve to be spoiled! xx

The M's said...

Happy Birthday Pixie, we wish you many many more.

The Feline Sextet said...

Happy Purrfday Pixie! We loved seeing the piccies of you wif your 'nip nanners, Her Majesty is 13 now and she still likes da 'nip too! We's glad you's had a nice purrfday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!

-The Unplugged Eight

MaoMao said...


Happy Burfday to you
Happy Burfday to you
Happy Burfday Dear Pixie!
Happy Burfday to you!

You are such a sweet kitty gurl, and we Ballicai are so glad you're havin' a superduper burfday! We love you and Daisy, and you look so adorable surrounded by all yur bananers!

and Momma said SQUEE at the pickshure of you meowin' with joy!

Big kittyhuggies and happy birthday purrs from MaoMao and Brainball and Dorydoo!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful birthday, dear Pixie! You got some marvelous gifts, and oh, the picture of you meowing with joy is just precious!

Your twelfth -- how fabulous! You are not much older than me. We are Older Sisters in Solidarity, my friend! *smile*

Have a love-filled, joy-filled, banana-filled day!

Much love and happy birthday purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Anita said...

I hope that you have many birthdays more.


The Crew said...

Happy, happy purrthday Pixie, dear! It looks like you got some really great presents.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty

Unknown said...

Oh Pixie, it's your birthday. This is very exciting. My Lady was quite intrigued with those catnip bananers so she decided to google them to see where she could get some and guess what was the first page that came up... It was you, Pixie! I thought that it was funny. We googled catnip bananers and it showed me pictures of you. Your famous, Pixie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Purrthday, Pixie!
We posted a special bananner-gram for you @ Purrchance To Dream!

We love your nip bananners, too!
What great gifts!
Daphne & Chloe & Spooker & Jazper
& little Isis, too!
And of course, big hugs from
Not The Bananner!

Anonymous said...

Go pixie!!! Hope it's a super terrificat birfday....

Enjoy the nanner...may life be full of nanners and catnip.


The Devil Dog said...

You got some great gifts, Pixie. I like the microwaveable warming mat. That sounds good to me, way up here in New Hampshire.
Glad your day was so happy and good.


Unknown said...

Feliz Cumpleaños Pixie!! (Spanish)
Happy Birthday Pixie!(English)
I hope that you have many birthdays more.
Luna Spain
Besos and Prrr!


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Pixie!
It looks like you had a really great bananer day :)

~ The Bunch

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Pixie, I am so glad you've had such a wonderful, happy day! You look like you've had lots and lots of love and fun and bananas, and what could possibly be better? *smile* We all love you very much, dear, and we are celebrating your birthday right along with you!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Phoebe said...

I'm glad that you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pixie. You deserve it. Your bananers look like a very comfy pillow.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Pixie! Bonnie tried to wish you a happy birthday earlier, but our modem went down! Oops! So now it's my turn...
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdy Deer Pixie,
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!
... and many more!!!
ps We luv nip nanas!

JT said...

Happy Birthday, Pixie! It looks like you had a good time. I like real bananas too! Ernest only likes the catnip ones. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tiger Lily said...

Happy 12th birthday Pixie! Those bananers look like lots of fun.

Henny and Marlene said...

Happy Birthday to You,
happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday, Dear Pixie
Happy Birthday to You!!

Maxime, Soraya, Mientje, Ruis, Bubbles, Miral, Korenna, B'Elanna, Djenna, Gucci & Taylor and Buzzer (doggies)
& Marlene and Henny (staff)

Just Ducky said...

Happy Purrthday Pixie.

Myst and Blackie said...

Happy Purrthday to you, Pixie... we hope you have many more happy & healthy ones in your future. We are both older than you and know us older girls need to stick together. Purrs & headbutts, Mia & Ghost

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! What a great breakfast bananer! You got some great presents too...I'm so pleased for you. You should have your Momie warm up your new bed and take your bananers to sleep with you. I love the picture of you meowing...it's adorable!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Happy Purrthday Pixie!!! I hope you had a great day and that this has been the bestest purrthday ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally my mommies got to sleep... and I can congratulate you for your 12th birthday!

Happy, happy birthday, beauty!! xxxPurrRrrRxxxx

Meowers from Missouri said...

sweet pixie, happy purrrthday!! may you live long as nanners grow an' the winds blow, an' may you sleep sweetly efurry day an' night (naps included). efurrything else will take care of itself, so enjoy!

(we may be among the last to concatulate you but we hope we're among the least.)

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

You are twelve years young, our beloved Pixie!!! We are so happy that you have been having a great day! Wow - 'naner off the peel and three nip 'naners and that fit nip and the calming mat - what more could a beautiful 12 year young kitty desire? We are sending you lots of love and virtual 'naners on this very happy day!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Happy birthday, Pixie!!

Anonymous said...

Pixie, I am so glad you had such a great birthday. You deserve the very best birthday. I'm sure all of the bananas and nip are the best medicine for your heart, so you should tell your mommie to make sure you get some every day.


Tara (not the cat)

Miz said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

Dear Pixie,
Jeter and I are wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

jenianddean said...

WOW Pixie - you made out like a bandit on your birthday! I love your catnip bananers. Very cool.

Happy Birthday!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Toby Snowshoe said...

Happy birthday, Pixie! How exciting, to turn twelve! May I say that you are lovely for your age? We have an older lady cat here too, named Wisper. She doesn't like me too much though cuz she thinks I'm too hyper. But you wouldn't mind a little bit of hyper, would you?

Nice presents too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pixie!! You deserve the best birthday ever!

MamaCat & the FurryPurries
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie & Freckles

Lux said...

It's not midnight here yet, so I can still say Happy Birthday, Pixie!!! You & those nanners - that's so sweet! :)

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! You really are the top banana with all those fun catnip bananas. The kitties here at Rosehaven Cottage only have one to share among 7 of them. You are soooo lucky to have 3 all to yourself! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Christine and FAZ said...

Happy Bananers to you, Happy Bananers to you, Happy Bananers Dear Pixie, Happy Bananers to you.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!! :D I LOVE the photos, especially the last one (how cute!).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Germany :-). It´s a nice cat. great! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pixie! So glad you had a good one!

Andrewbun & Mom

Baby-Girl and Pok said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes fro you Pixie!

What lovely pressies you got... we're all jealous!

darlene said...

12 wow!!....how wonderful....happy birthday pixie....she likes bananas thats too funny

Louche Tabby said...

.....Hppy (f)B-Day pix..........you have great ones!.....

Ari said...

A banana happy birthday beautiful Pixie ^_^

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Belated birthday wishes to dear Pixie! We hope you had a great day--and many more to come!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday a day late, Pixie! It's a great day for you to be born as it's also my dad's birthday. He's way older than you are though.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Pixie (You're So Beautiful!)
Happy Birthday To You!

Sorry this is late Pixie. You are a very fine kitty, to be sure!



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